Personalized Cancer Treatment

The Personalized Cancer Treatment of Xenopat offers healthcare professionals and patients the most advanced technology in order to select the best treatment in the fight against cancer. Xenopat offers the possibility of generating an orthoxenograft® from a small fragment of the patient’s tumor. This model will allow Xenopat to test several drugs in order to find the best therapy for each patient.


The Personalized Cancer Treatment of Xenopat will generate a Response Report – a detailed report of the results obtained in the orthoxenograft® with each treatment. Xenopat aims to be a key decision tool in oncological personalized treatments. The Response Report contains scientific evidence used to select the most suitable treatment for each oncology patient. Xenopat always works closely with the oncologist responsible for each patient.


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Orthoxenografts® are mouse models in which a small piece of human tumor (xenograft) is implanted in the same organ of origin (orthotopically). Orthoxenografts® are Orthotopic Patient-Derived Xenografts (PDXs).

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Personalized Cancer Treatment