Xenopat offers the most innovative tools available to progress the development of new oncologic drugs. Xenopat offers researchers and drug developing companies the OrthoXenoBank®, which is composed of several orthoxenografts®, orthotopic models of different tumor types, including among others colorectal, lung, breast, ovarian, testicular and pancreatic tumors. Orthoxenografts® are characterized at histological and genetic level, with different sensitivity to diverse chemotherapies. The Advanced Preclinical Services of Xenopat aim at becoming a strategic partner through the entire oncologic drug development process: from the basic preclinical steps, up to commercialization. Thus, Xenopat’s Advanced Preclinical Services can become a useful tool to make informed decisions both in preclinical phases and in clinical trial phases, even in post-commercialization stages.
Preclinical Services_Xenopat
  • Generation of customized cell lines (GFP, shRNA,etc.)
  • Maximum Tolerated Dose determination. Body Weight Autopsy. Histopathological analysis of toxicity.
  • Best dosage schedule study.
  • Identification of optimal drug combinations.
  • Drug response evaluation using the same clinicopathological standards applied to human tumors.
  • Evaluation of tumor appearance, growth rate and metastatic potential with or without treatment.
  • Expression levels of relevant genes.
  • Genetic and epigenetic studies of relevant genes.
  • Identification/analysis of subrogate response makers.
  • Identification of drug target/mechanism of action in several biological systems.
  • Generation of customized orthoxenografts®
  • Best response tumor subpopulation characterization.
  • Drug combinations.
  • Co-clinical paired trial in human and mice.
  • Identification/analysis of subrogate response markers in co-clinical trials.
  • Drug repositioning.
  • Acquired resistance to new drugs studies.

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Orthoxenografts® are experimental mouse models in which a small piece of human tumor is implanted (implantation from one spices to another, xenograft) in the same organ of origin (orthotopically).


The OrthoXenoBank® is the collection of orthoxenografts® that Xenopat can offer to its customers.


Relevant scientific publications regarding orthoxenografts®.