The OrthoXenoBank® is a collection of orthoxenografts® that Xenopat offers its customers. A summary list of the available orthoxenografts® can be found in the below Table. However if more details are needed do not hesitate to contact us.

The OrthoXenoBank® is composed of more than 350 models, which represent the most frequent histological subtypes of tumors found in the following locations: colon, lungs, ovaries, pancreas, endometrium, head and neck, liver, and in germ cells, among others. All the tumor types collected in OrthoXenoBank® are classified according to histological subtypes and characterized at genetic level for the most relevant mutations reported in each tumor subtype.

*    Tumors with acquired resistence to standard chemotherapy.
** Endogenous refractary tumors.

OrthoXenoBank® tumors are also classified according to their degree of sensitivity/resistance to different standard chemotherapy treatments. The OrthoXenoBank® possesses some tumors developed by patients’ refractary to standard lines of chemotherapy.

Moreover, the OrthoXenoBank® possesses chemotherapy sensitive and resistant orthoxenograft® pairs, obtained in vivo through repetitive exposure of the sensitive orthoxenograft® to treatment.